Israel using same carnage tactics in south Gaza as in north: Top EU diplomat

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European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has warned that the southern part of the besieged Gaza Strip faces a “dark prospect” as Israel’s relentless bombing campaign has left growing civilian fatalities and displaced many people in the south.

Borrell made the remarks on Monday in the Belgian capital Brussels, where EU foreign ministers will meet to consider possible next steps in response to the crisis gripping West Asia.

He said that Israel’s tactics in southern Gaza “are the same or even worse” than those the regime used in the north despite calls from the EU not to do so.

“The bombings continue with extraordinary intensity,” he added. “The prospect is really dark.”

Borrell also denounced the increasing civilian casualties in Gaza and the forced displacement of people in the Palestinian territory who are forced to flee to Egypt.

There are no more shelters or safe places in Gaza, he noted.

At the beginning of the bloody war on Gaza, Israel urged people in northern Gaza to seek refuge in the south. Currently, however, it is targeting the south, with residents saying there is nowhere left to go.

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