Biden says Israel's invasion of Rafah 'red line' before saying there is no red line

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Open contradiction as US President Joe Biden draws red lines for Israel on the Gaza onslaught while at the same time pledging not to abandon support for the regime.
Biden told MSNBC that an Israeli incursion into Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip would be his red line. However, the US president added that he has no red lines concerning the delivery of weapons to the regime. Biden’s administration has given Israel unconditional support in its five-month genocide in Gaza. That includes using its veto power in the UN Security Council three times to block calls for an end to the genocide. Earlier Biden in his State of the Union Speech said that the US military will build a pier on the Gaza coast to deliver aid to the besieged territory. The US claims this is to allow Israel to counter Hamas. But facts on the ground show Washington’s complicity in the regime’s killing of over 31000 Palestinians.

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