Palestinians, Lebanese celebrate Hamas capture of Israeli troops

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People in the occupied West Bank and Lebanon have taken to the streets to rejoice at a fresh deadly operation conducted by the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas against Israeli forces in the northern Gaza Strip.

The celebrations took place on Sunday at the Palestinian city of Dura in the southern West Bank, as well as the refugee camps of Ain al-Hilweh, Nahr el-Bared, el-Buss and Rashidieh in Lebanon.

They came after the al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military wing, carried out a “complex” operation, against the occupation forces in Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp.

In a recorded message released early on Sunday, al-Qassam's spokesperson Abu Obeida said the operation saw resistance fighters “luring a Zionist force into an ambush inside a tunnel” and killing, wounding, and capturing all its members.

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